7 Ways to Update Your Home For Under $1,000

If your home is in serious need of a makeover, a possible route to take would be getting a loan, and hire a crew to get it all done at the same time. But there’s a good chance might not want to spend that kind of money if you don’t have to. These are some of the best ways to add some pizazz and make your home more inviting, while completing these projects for less than $1,000 each.

1. Crown Molding or Coffered Ceilings

Nothing adds elegance to a living or dining room like some attractive crown molding hugging the tops of the walls or coffers. Coffers are great for creating an attractive crisscross pattern in the ceiling. Customary wood moldings often require a professional carpenter. But there are now companies that manufacture moldings made of alternative materials like urethane and foam. These are much easier to cut and install yourself; they even oftentimes have the tricky corners already cut, so you’re only responsible for straight cuts.

Crown Molding

2. Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered flooring snaps together and offers hardwood veneer finish that is ready to be treaded on as soon as it’s installed. Additionally, the flooring is pretty easy to cut with power saws. Though you will likely need to remove the base shoe, or perhaps even the base molding (and then replace once you’re done) before you can start the work.

You can often find ample selections at home improvement centers. The most popular flooring is plank-style, which comes in many colors and finishes. You could also go with a cork flooring, which has a different finish but requires the same installation. Just remember that the some nicer woods and larger spaces will cause the cost to rise.

Installation of wooden floor

3. Tile a Tub

It’s important to practice careful planning when tiling a tub. Ensure the walls are straight and square before beginning. If you have a much older home and the tiles are set in mortar, you may need to hire a professional if these are difficult to remove.

The different options your tiles can look like are almost endless. There are special pieces called “bullnose” pieces for the exposed edges, but these may not be necessary for natural stone.

Tiled Bathtub

4. Replace the Whole Kitchen Sink

And the sink and the filter. An updated, new sink and faucet will enhance your kitchen experience. If the sink has a flange that rests on top of the countertop, then this should be a user-friendly project. However, if the sink is mounted under the countertop, it is recommended you call the pros.

Complete the look with a new faucet. For safe, good-tasting drinking water, install a filter spout to your faucet. For an additional accent, install a matching built-in soap dispenser.

New kitchen sink

5. Replace Light Fixtures

Replacing an older light or fan fixture, can quickly make a room feel more updated. CAUTION: Be absolutely sure to shut off power, at the light switch, but even more importantly at the service panel (breaker box).

The majority of modern lights are often easy to install and include the required hardware. Be sure to note if the round flange is snug against the ceiling and will cover the opening once the old one is removed; otherwise, you may need to paint or possibly patch the ceiling. Installing lights or fans will be time consuming, but they are a fairly simple task to accomplish.

Updated light fixtures

6. Paint or Reface Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing to reface cabinets can save you a great deal of money over replacing your cabinets entirely. You might opt to hire a specialty company, or you can purchase new parts and install them yourself.

You can save additional money by painting cabinets instead of electing to reface them. It’s important to paint any exposed frames in addition to the exterior doors, drawers and cabinet space. Before reinstalling the doors and drawers, give them plenty of time to dry. If the handles are dated, now is a great time to replace those as well.

Painted Cabinets

7. Update Window Treatments

You can grow used to your window coverings and not even realize that they’ve gone out of date. Shake it up with new curtains, blinds, drapes and/or valences. There are designer treatments that can get expensive, but there are several options for under $1,000 in any color scheme and style.

Window with curtains

To give your home an updated look, choose one, two or seven of these affordable projects to save yourself some money.

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