Buy an apartment complex in a major city, possibly renovate and then rent out your units, collect some cash. This was the tried and trusted method for residential real estate investing for the last few decades.

There is, however, a better way. And Reunion Investments is here to spell it out for you.

Using Strategy

Ok sure, most investors THINK they’re making moves in a strategic manner, but that strategy is outdated. Maybe you’re following what other investors are doing. Maybe you’ve got a hot tip that (insert neighborhood here) is going to be home to some new headquarters. You’ll buy a home or apartment complex, flip it or become a landlord, and make a decent ROI.

We believe using strategy can help you find opportunities that have a great chance of delivering higher than average returns. Here’s an example:

Right now we’ve got a real estate investment opportunity that’s near both a hospital and a military base. This causes extremely high demand for housing in an area with very little supply.

We’ve got an opportunity to come in and redevelop this area with both single and multi family housing that would deliver massive return on investment.

It takes strategy to find rare opportunities like this. That’s why we say using strategy can help you make the most of your money.

Leaving Primary Markets

There’s something attractive about investing in major, thriving cities like Dallas and Denver. And why not, when hundreds of articles online are ensuring you that these are some of the hottest real estate opportunities available.

Well we say, get that idea out of your head. There are bigger and better opportunities ready to be taken advantage of outside primary markets.

Ever heard of tertiary markets? These are markets outside of the suburbs. Small towns and communities out in the country. Real opportunity lies here.

Unless you’re the luckiest man or woman in the world, you’ll likely see your ROI capped at around 10-12% in major cities. Tertiary markets consistently deliver an average of 35% ROI for our investors that utilize our innovative strategies in tertiary and VASH markets.

Utilizing our Military Rental Program

Our work with military communities enables us to maximize our client's returns by providing mid-tier luxury housing to military members in exchange for government-backed rents. Reunion’s Military Rental Programs provide much-needed housing services for the ones who keep our country safe and their families. As a contracted military housing provider, we provide high-quality housing for those who serve by utilizing investment real estate owned by Reunion investors and its members.

We’re currently offering opportunities near Sheppard Air-force Base in Wichita County, TX, Ft. Sill in Comanche County, OK and Ft. Hood in Bell County, TX.

You can view the market information for each of these by clicking here.

Consider Wholesaling

Why waste time and effort with traditional real estate investing when you can learn the wholesaling ropes from us. Not only is it easy to get started and simple to learn, but it’s a great way to get fast returns without a lot of hassle.

Once you become an experienced wholesaler you can see returns the very same day! That’s hard to beat. Plus, you don’t need to list your property or worry about repairs. Wholesaling really is one of the simplest ways to get large returns fast.

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