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The Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts For New Investors

Real Estate Podcast Interview

If you're a real estate investor, you know that you can’t be successful without educating yourself. One of the easiest and best ways for new real estate investors to get this education is through listening to real estate podcasts.

Real estate investing is not something you learn how to do in a day or even a month it takes time. There is a ton of information investors must learn and it can get overwhelming if you try to learn it all at once. Insert real estate podcasts, most real estate podcast episodes break down large real estate topics into less intimidating sub topics. This is why they are great for helping you become a better real estate investor. They allow you to learn about different topics in a much easier way. But which real estate investing podcasts are the best? Lucky for you we have put together a list of the best real estate podcasts for new investors!

Top 15 Real Estate Podcasts For The Sharp Investor

  1. Best Real Estate Investing Podcast Advice Ever With Joe Fairless: Hosted by Joe Fairless, this real estate podcast covers business, commercial properties, and interesting topics for agents. He is renowned in the real estate world for his informational blogs, podcasts, and daily YouTube videos. Each podcast presents helpful information from a variety of guests including house flippers, renters, builders, passive income investors, and many other professionals. Get the best advice ever as Joe shares his real estate investing knowledge. Podcast: Best Real Estate Investing Podcast Advice Ever With Joe Fairless Listen to our interview: JF2043: The Benefits of Tertiary Markets During The Coronavirus With Solomon Floyd

  2. Bigger Pockets: The Bigger Pockets podcast is one of the most popular real estate podcasts in the real estate investing world. Hosted by Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner, this real estate podcast features off-the-cuff interviews with investors of various niches, experiences, and backgrounds. Each episode features a real estate investor or entrepreneur discussing their failures, successes, advice, and overall experience. The Bigger Pockets real estate podcast provides some of the best strategies and advice. These have been proven to work for real people and Bigger Pockets welcomes you into a community of approachable, like-minded people who continuously want to build their financial education and become better real estate investors. Podcast: Bigger Pockets Podcast

  3. Bare Naked Agent: Hosted by New York Times bestselling author, Pat Hiban, this real estate investing podcast covers residential properties, sales, and marketing for agents. Each podcast is tailored with the real estate community in mind and unravels each topic in an easy-to-follow Q&A format and is perfect for starting and veteran agents alike. Podcast: Bare Naked Agent

  4. Cashflow Diary: J. Massey is the creator of Cashflow™ Diary and assumes the roles of real estate investor, entrepreneur, sales coach, and instructor. Other than providing useful information in his real estate podcast, he provides free training courses for new and experienced investors alike. Take a listen to improve your strategies for placing offers, closing deals, buying, selling, wholesaling, prospecting, flipping, rehabbing, and more. Podcast: Cashflow Diary

  5. Anderson Business Advisors Podcast: Hosted by Clint Coons, a “prolific writer and educator, Clint has published hundreds of articles, videos, and workbooks on the subjects of real estate investing and asset protection, including his most recent book Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors.” Clint discusses many different strategies geared towards helping Real Estate Investors, Stock Traders, and Business Owners preserve their wealth, protect their assets, and prosper in the future. Podcast: Anderson Business Advisors Podcast

  6. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience: Top-ranked real estate and business coach Tom Ferry hosts the highly informational podcast covering all aspects of real estate knowledge. Gain the motivation and support needed to become a top real estate agent. Each in-depth episode teaches you the tips and tricks used by the most successful agents in the world. Podcast: The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

  7. Jared James Today: This podcast provides tips and tricks for realtors. Jared James is a popular real estate coach and mentor and is known for his YouTube training videos, Mastermind summits, and speaking engagements. Podcast: Jared James Today

  8. Real Estate Rockstars: Get behind the scenes and discover information regarding what makes real estate professionals successful. Hosted by Pat Hiban, each episode dives into the fundamental career aspects of each of its guests. Learn from their successes, failures, tricks, and tips. This real estate podcast features a new guest with each episode offering advice on bringing in new clients, investing in property, and many more useful topics. Podcast: Real Estate Rockstars

  9. Unlisted with Brad Inman: Listen to various topics as Brad Inman talks with industry experts about how to become a better agent through determination and insight. Each guest offers applicable advice for agents in markets around the world. Brad offers a deep understanding of real estate and top industry connections who offer invaluable advice. If you’re looking for inspiration to become a better agent, this real estate podcast is for you. Podcast: Unlisted with Brad Inman

  10. Agent Caffeine: This podcast is regarded as one of the best for innovative real estate ideas, tech information, and inspirational advice from those who have a true passion for what they do. Anyone in the real estate industry will benefit from guests who offer their secret to success. Kelly Mitchell offers interviews meant to stimulate big picture ideas covering new trends in not just real estate, but tech as well. Learn about new strategies and practices that could benefit you and your business in this real estate podcast. Podcast: Agent Caffeine

  11. The Investor’s Podcast: As the most downloaded stock investing podcast, this is a must for any investors serious about financial news. The hosts review habits and traits of the world’s most successful investors, revealing how you can develop these practices on your own. The episodes routinely share insights on a number of investing strategies, from real estate to gold. The varied topics make this great for investors of all levels who are interested in diversifying their assets, while also expanding their knowledge of the financial sector as a whole. Podcast: The Investor’s Podcast

  12. Real Estate Today Radio: This podcast was founded by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to help listeners achieve their dreams of homeownership. Host Stephen Gasque discusses real estate market trends, increasing property value, buying and selling, and more. Real Estate Today Radio takes big picture topics and breaks them down into easy to understand episodes, making it great for beginner investors. Stay up to date with the latest real estate trends, and familiarize yourself with market basics by listening to this podcast today. Podcast: Real Estate Today

  13. Keeping It Real: Keeping It Real foon practicing real estate brokers and the tips and tricks they utilize for success. There are a variety of episode formats from traditional interviews to quick market insights that provide value to listeners of all types. While the podcast was created to highlight brokers in the Chicago area, the high quality information is helpful no matter which market you operate in. Remember, it is crucial to build connections with professionals across the industry. Familiarizing yourself with the roles and responsibilities of different occupations will give you a leg up when making connections in the industry. Podcast: Keeping it Real

  14. Motley Fool Money Show: The Motley Fool Money radio show is a weekly installment of financial information that broadcasts all across America, most notably in prime markets such as Washington, D.C.; Boston and San Francisco. But it’s their self-described “irreverent, fast-paced look at the world of business and investing” that gives this show its devoted and passionate following. Don't worry if your investing strategy isn’t primarily focused on Wall Street, there are five different podcasts to choose from, so finding the information you need shouldn't be too hard. Podcast: Motley Fool Money Show

  15. Smart Passive Income: When you’re a new real estate investor it can be easy to put all your investing eggs in one basket and hope all your future income comes from real estate. But as the Smart Passive Income podcast, hosted by entrepreneur rockstar Pat Flynn, makes clear, passive income can come in many different shapes and sizes.Boasting more than 11 million downloads, this no-nonsense, enthusiastic guide is the perfect road map to setting up systems and assets for you to enjoy passive income—without spending 40 hours a week on it. Flynn shares his own personal passive income results—both good and bad. If you want a "third person view" experience from one of the best in the passive income business, this podcast is a must listen. Podcast: Smart Passive Income podcast

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How To Find Which Real Estate Investing Podcast Is The Best For You

When you’re a real estate investing newbie, it isn’t uncommon to feel like everyone knows far more than you do about the investing business. Here is our take on how to overcome this feeling. Leave your ego at the door, you may have heard something similar to this if you ever tried to get back into working out at the gym. When you first start working out proper technique is more important than dumbbell weight, who cares who is watching, or if the guy or girl next to you is lifting 3 times what you are. They all had to start somewhere, and their starting point probably mirrored yours in some way. It is the same with real estate investing, it takes time and rather than focus on how much everyone else knows, relax, don’t try and learn everything at once, break it down into smaller digestible pieces. You will be a better real estate investor in the long run if don’t rush things or worse quit.


That is why real estate podcasts are the educational golden ticket, they usually offer smaller easier to chew pieces of information and you can consume them in a variety of ways. You can fit podcasts into your schedule like so, on your afternoon walk, morning or evening commute, lunch break, etc. The point is you can do it on your own time and at your own pace.

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