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Real Estate Investing Drives Economic Development

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The Impact Economic Development Has On Communities

When we think of economic development we think about building strong economies, which in turn builds strong communities. There are several ways economic development helps communities. Through Increased Tax Base, we support and maintain local infrastructure and roads, parks, emergency services, and libraries. Economic development provides opportunities for advancement through benefits and better wages. Local businesses are more likely to stay in town and continue to contribute to the economy. A diversified economic base helps further grow the local economy while reducing vulnerability to a single business sector. The Productive Use of Property or value of a property for its highest and best use maximizes the value of that property. There is an improvement in the quality of life with more jobs and local tax dollars which in turn raises the community's overall standard of living for residents. Locally produced goods are recognized and consumed to a greater degree.

Why Economic Development Brings Benefits to Investors and Residents?

Economic Development Through Real Estate Investing

Reunion Investments works hand in hand with local communities to support our markets and grow returns. Reunion provides economic development for tertiary markets through single and multi-family rehab and new construction investments and specializes in providing clean, safe and affordable homes for military members and their families. In our commercial sector, we strive to not only work with local businesses who are in need of funding or growth but aid in bringing in new businesses opportunities to improve the communities in which we serve. Other examples of economic development efforts include assisted living, mixed-use, and green infrastructure.

Investment Opportunities for the Investor

Reunion Investments offers a multitude of ways for the Investor to make sound real estate investments while at the same time helping communities further develop their economic base. Learn more about Reunion Investments and economic development real estate investing.

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