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In May of 2020, 1/3rd of Americans didn’t pay their rent or house payment. Landlords across the country were left without the monthly income they rely on. With the full economic fallout of the pandemic yet to be realized, Reunion Investments wants to share our strategy for virtually guaranteed rental income.

Military Rental Program

Military rents are basically a sure thing, because personnel are able to get their rent covered by the government if they choose to live off base (and most would love to). That means that they can keep their discretionary income all to themselves, giving landlords a leg up on rental payments. Redeveloping near military bases gives investors the benefit of a high housing demand where there’s currently little supply. This is a huge opportunity that many investors are currently overlooking.

Reunion and Military Markets

The work we do in military communities gives us the opportunity to maximize our client's returns. We provide mid-tier luxury housing to members of the military in exchange for the government-backed rents mentioned above. Our Rental Program also provides much-needed housing services for those who fight to keep our country safe. As a contracted military housing provider, Reunion Investments provides high-quality housing for those who serve through private investment dollars. This is one of the most popular investment strategies for our clients.

Why mid-tier luxury homes

As we said, mid-tier luxury homes absolutely kill it in military markets! But why is that? Setting aside the government-backed military rents, mid-tier rents in general rise at a faster rate than top and low tier rentals. Also occupancy rates are usually higher in this segment, even outside of military markets. Overall, taking a middle-of-the-road approach should grant you the biggest ROI. This fact remains true whether you choose to work with our military rental program or want to develop rentals on your own.

Markets we’re currently working in

Sheppard air force base in Wichita Country, TX

Ft. Sill in Comanche County, OK

Ft. Hood in Bell County, TX

Discover all the benefits of investing in these markets and get your rental income back in order!

Contact Reunion Investments anytime, or call us at 214.438.4809. We’re not just an investment firm, we innovate strategies to get you closer to your wealth building goals. With over $55 million invested in markets like these, we’ve been able to deliver higher returns for our clients, as well as increase the quality of life for residents in underserved areas.

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