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Painting your home is one of the best ways to personalize your home and really make it feel like yours. It’s your chance to pick any color you want and define the space as you see fit.

However, if you’re thinking about selling your home, or just doing a quick flip, the right paint colors can increase the chance that your house will sell at a great price when you put it on the market. Let’s go over a few colors you should consider and a few you should avoid at all costs.


A light shade of grey or beige will always deliver. They’re light enough to liven up your rooms by adding just a bit of color but are still neutral enough to allow each room’s features and other accents to pop. If you want something a bit different, taupe can also work well.

Another winner is off-white, especially if there are traces of brown or other warm shades. It can really brighten up your rooms and will pair nicely with white or beige baseboards and trim.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a simple white that’s not overly bright, especially if you’re going for a more modern look. It’s clean, simple and really opens up the home and makes the space feel larger.


Let’s say we’re going room by room. The kitchen is actually a good spot to add some darker colors. Darker grays and darker blue shades work well in the kitchen. Believe it or not, research shows that homes using a gray-blue shade in the kitchen sell for an average of $1,800 more than comps with other kitchen paint colors. Better get that paint brush out!


Both these areas benefit from beige and gray, like we mentioned above, but there are alternatives that can work well. Take your flooring and other fixtures into consideration. Do these rooms get a lot of natural light? What colors are already present that might help you choose something complimentary?

Light blue or green can sometimes work beautifully, especially if they include traces of gray to keep the brightness level down. For the bathroom, you can take a chance on a stronger blue, as home buyers tend to react positively in that space.


Blues have always been a top bedroom choice, especially shades like cerulean. There are still other bolder choices you can get away with, though. As long as you don’t go too bright or neon, a splash of blue, green or even red or brown can work well so long as it’s not too much of a departure from the rest of the home.


Now that we’ve covered some best practices, let’s talk about colors to definitely stay away from. Basically, anything too bright or harsh needs to be avoided because it simply will turn off most potential buyers. Black is another color to avoid, because it can feel depressing and it’s just hard to cover with new paint.

Also on the list of colors to avoid? White that is too bright, as we mentioned above. When white is too bright, especially paired with more white trim, it can feel too clinical and actually repel potential buyers.

There you have it – the top shades of home paint colors that deliver the best ROI!

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