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Home buying trends in tertiary markets

Similar to national trends, home buying trends in tertiary markets are showing strong interest from buyers and even out-of-state investors. Their biggest problem isn't demand, it's supply. This is a perfect situation for investors who can partner up with Reunion Investments to begin more economic development and grow a secure wealth-building strategy.

One great thing is that most tertiary markets do not usually experience radical highs and lows when it comes to home prices. The buying low selling high strategy isn’t really what we’re after here. We’re fortunate to have seen a slow and steady uptick of value, but since Reunion Investment has a partner construction firm, we’re able to get quality housing up quickly for a great price.

You may think that tertiary markets don’t offer the scale and return that primary markets do, but when you partner with Reunion Investments you’ll find out that our unique strategies actually offer much more than you might expect. The value in tertiary markets can offer strong returns just by themselves, as well as a generally safer investment. There’s also less volatility to speak of.

Massive ROI

Finding opportunity can be tricky, but it’s there. When looking at home buying trends in tertiary markets, It’s important to search for factors that would drive people to the area, like hospitals, factories, or military bases. From there, Reunion Investments has crews in place ready to begin redevelopment or rehabilitation. Whether you’re looking to flip a few houses, keep long term tenants, or something else, Reunion has a strategy that can fit and exceed your goals. While average real estate investment returns are around 10%, averaging residential and commercial rates, our clients are seeing an average of 35% ROI. That’s a massive difference that you won’t find anywhere else. Reunion Investments consistently outperforms other firms because of our connections and unique, innovative strategies.

Improvements Spur Economic Development

The security of your investment is just as important as your returns. Because demand is so high and supply is low, your investment should be a secure one, especially when you work with us. We don’t just touch one apartment complex or one neighborhood. We look at the area as a whole and drive economic development so your investment grows further over time. Buying one house in a neighborhood you hope will flourish, doesn’t give you the same control that we offer when we raise the value of an entire city.

Not only are you making a sound investment, but you’re helping residents and workers gain a better quality of life. Everything we do carries a positive impact, and we’re very proud of that. Let us make you proud as well. Contact us today at or call us at (214)-438-4809. Let’s discuss the perfect real estate investment for your goals and budget.

We hope you enjoyed our article about home buying trends in tertiary markets.

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