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Economic Development Brings Benefits to Investors and Residents

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

THE OLD WAY: Major development projects happen but don’t deliver real benefits to local residents. Instead they lead to corporate profits and the community has to pay for it. Residents are displaced and can’t afford the now higher cost of living. Not to mention the added problems with traffic!

THE REUNION WAY: Economic development with the community in mind. We aim to ensure that new development or redevelopment serves the needs of local residents, as well as drive value and security for our real estate investing clients.

Discover how we outline a community first approach to economic development:

  • Good wages and benefits for all workers involved in development

  • Affordable housing for residents

  • Funding for local infrastructure such as supermarkets and restaurants

  • Mitigating environmental impact

We also include legislators in the process and work to form partnerships with various cities to bring the most benefits we can to investors and residents alike. City and county elected officials have a lot of power to realize equitable economic development.

In fact, they can aid in the fight to include meaningful community benefits in our project. Usually, for development projects, there is room for the city to negotiate these benefits. They can be included in government agreements with our developers.

Not only do our exclusive partnerships with these cities ensure residents are happy and seeing an improved quality of life, they massively help real estate investors as well. Through economic development, our clients see improved home values, greater migration into these particular areas and greater overall security for their investments.

Reunion Investments and Tertiary Markets

Think about it this way. We look for great opportunities in tertiary markets. Because these areas are somewhat underserved, many investors don’t pay a lot of attention to them. But we do. Our investors can come into these areas at a lower start up cost and redevelop distinct zones with high demand and little supply. This is the perfect opportunity for multifamily housing where you can expect low vacancy rates and a very decent monthly rent. From there, we can begin thinking about the commercial side. Shops, restaurants, a gym and so much more can be developed to make this underserved area much more attractive for potential newcomers, as well as extremely beneficial for current residents. This combination of residential and commercial economic development makes for a long term investment opportunity that could be virtually unmatched in outperforming returns and necessary security.

If this sounds attractive to you as an investor, we have multiple active listings ready for the taking in areas just as the ones we described above.

Call us anytime at 214.438.4809 and let us strategize the best way to meet your wealth building goals.

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