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8 tips for selling your home during the holidays

The holiday period from November through January in the past been deemed the worst list your home for sale. Even though selling your home in the cold winter months may stifle your holiday spirit, the season does come with advantages: holiday consumers tend to be more motivated and there are generally less houses on the market, which reduces your competition. So decide if you really, really want to sell, and then follow these tips for selling during the holidays.

1. Be merry and not overly bright Oftentimes, the holidays bring out the best in our homes; they are kept clean for hosting guests and they show off holiday spirit, but be sure not to overdo it on the decorations. You don’t want anything too large or too plentiful, as this can be distracting and also make the space look small. It is understood what holidays take place during this time, but neutral winter or fall decorations can help to not offend potential buyers.

2. Employ a dependable real estate agent It goes without saying that you want to hire someone who’s going to work hard to sell your home, but make sure to go with someone you’re confident won’t leave you hanging to go celebrate the holidays. Going with a recommendation from family or friends is a great way to obtain an agent who will go beyond the call of duty to get your home sold. This will lighten the stress and allow you to enjoy the season a little more.

3. Look for motivated buyers If house hunters are looking to buy during the holidays, they usually have good reason and motivation. Your agent should be able to help seek buyers on a deadline: this includes buyers relocating for work, investors, college students and staff, and military personnel, if you’re near a base.

4. Price it to sell Regardless of the time of year, a home that’s priced low in the market will make buyers feel jolly. If you’re not in a huge rush you can take the time to slowly reduce your price, but many real estate agents recommend sellers to cut their prices before listing their home.

5. Curb appeal is key As any homeowner knows, when fall hits, trees quickly begin to shed their leaves. It is extra important to maintain the outside of your home when you’re house is on the market. Those bare trees make your home visible, so consider touching up the paint, cleaning the gutters or adding flowers, etc. to your yard/garden. If you live somewhere where ice is common, keep your potential buyers safe by keeping walkways clear.

6. Invest in quality photos Whether or not it’s cold, shoppers are more than likely going to start their search online. Lots of pleasing, high-quality photos of your home will help make a good first impression. People will see what your house looks like in the winter by visiting it, so it’s important to have pictures available from summer or spring so buyers can see what your house looks like in different seasons.

7. Video tour Try to limit the number of visits to people who are very serious, so that you’re able to maximize your holiday enjoyment. Posting a video tour on the Web could entice house hunters who may not have the time to physically see your home or would rather not drive in inclement weather.

8. Offer an escape from the cold Turn up the heat a little and play some classical music, or other easy-listening tunes. No matter the time of year, you don’t want buyers to feel like they need to leave in a hurry. So give them some time to take in all the great features your home has to offer.

In conclusion, the previous notion that selling your home during the holidays is a bad time is gone. Talk to your friends and family, either they or someone they know is likely to have successfully sold their home during the holidays.

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