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6 Ways to Attract Good Renters

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Family taking picture in newly rented home

Everyone wants to attract good renters. Tenants that treat your home like it’s their own, and don't make a mess of the space before they leave. Well, Reunion Investments has compiled 6 ways to attract good renters below. Let’s dive in!

Utilize word of mouth

To this day, nothing beats word of mouth advertising. If you have tenants currently that you like, and are moving out soon, don’t be afraid to ask if they know anyone who may be interested in renting from you. Just make sure your current residents have been well taken care of. Also utilize your friends and family. Have them ask around to see if anyone they know is looking for a new place to live. This strategy may be more effective than you think.

Work on their time

If you’ve got an interested party that you believe will be good tenants, be flexible! Meet with them on their time, nights and weekends included. If you don’t make time for them to come, they will likely stop contacting you and move on. Don’t make this mistake. Tenants are hit or miss, and at the end of the day, if you’ve got something good, lock it down.

Screen potential tenants

In order to make sure you’ve got a good renter in your home, you’ve got to screen them. This may seem obvious to you, but you’d be surprised at how many landlords don’t do this, or do it ineffectively.

  • Do a background check

  • Check credit score and income

  • Call references and speak to previous landlords

  • Ask them why they're moving and who else will live with them

  • Ask if they have pets

  • Definitely ask if they’ve ever been evicted before

A good practice is getting these questions in, but in a manner that’s conversational. If they feel like they're talking to their buddy, rather than getting interviewed, they’re much more likely to let their guard down and give you more honest answers.

man repairing rental property windows

Perform regular maintenance

Not only does this save you money in the long run, but it keeps your relationship with current tenants intact. Plus when new potential renters come to check things out, you’ll have had a much easier time staging the space and ensuring everything is working as it should. Oh, and it’ll be clean. Good renters aren’t going to settle for dingy quarters.

Get professional photos done

It’s almost unbelievable what a difference really good photos can make. Attracting good renters means enticing them with a beautiful looking home. If you can stage the area, it will also help tenants realize how they’d be able to live in the space. Potential tenants spend 18 more seconds on a listing with nice images. That’s huge when it comes to reeling in a nice rent payment.

Write a captivating listing

It amazes me when I see a listing that basically just tells you how many bedrooms there are and what the address is. What a missed opportunity. Sparse communications like this makes renters think you’re hiding something or that the home is in a bad area because you couldn’t think of anything positive to say! Describe your home’s best features in details, explain to them how they use the space, highlight what makes it unique and talk about all the great things nearby. Basically you need to hook the reader in and then make it super easy to get in touch with you. The more work the potential tenant has to do, the less likely they will opt for your rental.

There you have it. The Reunion Investments cheat sheet on bagging a quality tenant for your rental property. We hope this helps you get the ROI you need.

For even more opportunity, we offer high return rentals in military and VASH markets. We believe these are some of the most secure investments around for two reasons. One, it’s high volume. There will be plenty of competition for your rentals. Two, they get Basic Allowance for Housing, which is separate from their disposable income. Reunion Investments provides luxury mid-tier housing for those that protect our country every day. You can become an investor with us today and reap the amazing benefits of our Military Rental Program.

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