6 Landscaping hacks to improve curb appeal

Nice landscaping can increase your home’s final sale price by up to 12%. Curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers see, and a well kept or updated yard makes for an incredible first impression. It really sets the tone for the rest of the home viewing experience.

Kill Annoying Weeds with Boiling Water

Rather than spraying chemicals so close to home, everything you need to kill weeds is right in your kitchen. Boil a pot of water and quickly take it outside and pour the water on weeds you want to kill. This might take 2-3 treatments to be permanently effective, but it’s a great and easy, natural way to get the job done.

Got an Ugly Septic Tank? Plant Right Over it!

Let’s be real, septic tanks are definitely an eyesore and can ruin the look of your yard. The solution is to plant right over it! BUT, be sure to choose the right plants in order to avoid damage from the roots. Perennials and grasses are your best options. They’re safe and easy to maintain year round.

Add Lighting

Magic lanterns clustered on an outdoor table or lined up at the edge of the yard are a great option. Add solar lighting along walkways for a tasteful addition that’s also a safety measure. No electrician required! You can also drape or hang string lights across a deck area for added charm. Lastly, add solar uplighting to trees and strategic parts of your home to make your landscaping really pop!

Prevent Flooding with an Awesome Rain Garden

Make a rain garden by digging a shallow depression at the end of a slope and fill it with long rooted grasses and other plants that really soak up water. Not only is it a beautiful touch, but it delivers a big benefit in keeping your home safe from standing water. A rain garden should be about 10 feet away from your home’s foundation and adding 2 inches of mulch will help deter weeds and add extra water absorbing power.

Keep the Tree Stump

Why waste time and effort trying to remove a big, old tree stump? Instead decorate around and on top of the stump and make it a centerpiece! Hear us out. Plant flowers around the stump itself, and simply place a planter or something decorative right on top. Instant conversation piece!

Edge a Garden with Pine Board

Cheaper than stone, pressure-treated pine makes for beautiful and long-lasting edging to a garden. Not only will it make said garden pop, it acts as a safety barrier during rain.

There you have it ladies and gentleman! 6 landscaping hacks that are quick and easy and even low cost. Try some of these in your next home flip, or even to fix up your landscaping at home.

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