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Investments Focused on Economic Development in Tertiary Markets 

Reunion has found success in cities defined as tertiary markets across the U.S. They have cheaper opportunities that tend to yield higher returns for investors. These markets have yet to recover from the crash in 2008, this has left tertiary markets with large renter pools and large property inventories. Reunion works with local and federal governments to build investor-friendly programs that enable our clients to profit from promoting economic development. To find out more about tertiary markets please call us at 214-438-4809

Wichita Falls, Tx

Opportunities For Investment in Wichita Falls, Tx

Wichita Falls offers a wide range of opportunities for investors to make a difference in single-family housing, multi-family housing, small business investments, and commercial real estate. With college students at Midwestern State University and military members station at Sheppard Air Force Base, this mid-sized city is the optimum area for investors to make a change and profit. 

Killeen, Tx

Killeen, Tx

Market Synopsis 

Market Synopsis 

Rental Income Opportunities in Killeen, Tx

Killeen has grown into a city that can sustain large commercial growth and new subdivision development. As a large military community, it offers plenty of opportunities for investors to build new rental income from both civilians and military members.

Lawton, Ok

Economic Development Opportunities in Lawton, Ok

Lawton gives investors the ability to practice conscious redevelopment in a city that is wholly dependent on Ft.Sill for its sustainability. This city is perfect for single-family redevelopment, multi-family redevelopment, and commercial development.

Lawton, Ok

Odessa, Tx

Real Estate Investments in the center of Texas oil production 

Odessa is the center of Texas oil production and one of the largest cities in its region. Oil and gas companies keep many of the citizens employed, but those who work for the city, small businesses, and other non-oil organizations are having a hard time finding homes to buy or rent. The city is partnering with Reunion to develop downtown for workforce housing in the form of 8,000 total units. Once more details are ironed out, we will release more information to investors.

Baltimore, MD

Economic Development in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is the second largest seaport in the mid-Atlantic and the 21st largest metropolitan city in the U.S. 

Baltimore, Md
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